March 2011 New Books in the SCC Library

Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson

Early Dawn is book 10 in Catherine Anderson’s Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series. After ending her engagement, Eden is forced to move to Colorado to live with family. During her stay, she is kidnapped by a violent gang of outlaws who plan to sell her in Mexico. After being subjected to their cruelty, she is rescued by Matthew Coulter, who lost his own wife by the same gang of outlaws. Early Dawn should be read by anyone interested in adventure and romance.

The DaVinci Code: a Quest for Answers by Josh McDowell

The DaVinci Code: a Quest for Answers is an academic and theological work that is presented as a story of evidences and quotes to bring Brown’s conspiracy to light. After reading the DaVinci Code, three college students embark on a quest to discover the truth against Brown’s inaccurate and insupportable claims. The students ultimately discover the relevance of Christ’s deity in their own lives. This book can be read by anyone interested in researching the DaVinci controversy.

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