Public Domain

Works in the public domain are works that no longer are under copyright, such as works published before 1923. Federal documents and publications are not copyrighted, and are considered to be in the public domain.

Public domain works are excellent resources for students and faculty. They can serve as a resource for creative projects, copied and distributed to classes, placed on course web pages or blogs without permissions.

To find public domain works in Google, add the phrase “public domain” to whatever subject you are looking for. Include quotes around the entire phrase. For example, “classic literature public domain.”

Some Sites Containing Public Domain Materials

Project Gutenberg: there are over 30,000 books available for PC and Kindle readers.

ManyBooks offers more than 28,000 free public domain books for download. Search for your favorite authors, titles or genres.

Classic Literature Library: contains free public domain ebooks and classics.

Books should be free: download audio books to an iPod, to iTunes, or an MP3 player.

Free public domain images:

Public domain/royalty free music:

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