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New Electronic Resources


Students will search a user-friendly database to locate Nursing
and Allied Health information including evidence based
treatments, complete drug information and much more. When
you enter the search portal if you select to search “Your journals
@Ovid” your results list will be limited to the journals to which
we subscribe. If you select to search “Journals@Ovid” your
results list will contain results from all the journals in the

Quad City Times Newspaper

On the list of subscription databases you will see a link to the e-
edition of the Quad City Times Newspaper.

Welcome to Lucas Berns New Library Staff

I am the new night library technician at the SCC Library. I
recently moved to the Quad Cities from Albuquerque, New
Mexico. My wife and I lived in the desert for the past 8
years. Previous to that I lived in Delray Beach, Florida.
While in New Mexico I received my MLS from Clarion
University. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art
with a focus on photography. I have worked in public and
academic libraries and, while they are very different
working environments, I enjoy them both. Most recently I
worked as the Site Supervisor at the Ernie Pyle Library.
The library is listed on the national Register of Historic
Places and was Ernie and Jerry’s home before it was
converted into a library.

 My wife and I met while we were volunteers for AmeriCorps
NCCC in 2002. We have a dog and a cat. We enjoy the
outdoors, travelling, dancing and playing music. I have
played the guitar most of my life and the double bass for
the past two years. I am currently taking lessons with Gary
Palmer, the principal bass player for the Quad Cities

The Heidi Colucci Memorial Collection

The Scott Community College community was deeply saddened by the passing
of faculty member and friend Heidi Colucci. In her memory the following items
were purchased by the generous monetary donations of many faculty and staff.
Please stop in the library to view the display.

Mapp, Alf.  Faiths of Our Fathers. HC 270.709 MAP 2006

Campbell, Joseph. Power of Myth.  HC 291.1 CAM 1988

Dalai Lama. My Spiritual Journey. HC 294.3 BST 2010

Lowenstein, Tom. Treasures of the Buddha,. HC 294.3 LOW 2010

Armstrong, Jeffrey. Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar.  HC 294.5 ARM 2010

Valenti, Jessica. Full Frontal Feminism: a Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. HC 305.42 VAL 2007

Daniels, Dawn. Souls of My Sisters: Black Women Break Their Silence, Tell Their Stories and Heal Their Spirits. HC 305.48 SOU 2008

Toth, Jennifer. Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City.  HC 305.5 TOT 1993

Rauch, Jonathan.  Gay Marriage. HC 306.848 RAU 2004

Lewis, Anthony.  Freedom for the Thought that We Hate. HC 342.7308 Lew 2007

Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation. HC 394.1 SCH 2005

Maraniss, David.  Rome 1960: the Olympics that Changed the World. HC 796.48 MAR 2008

Woolf, Alex. Short History of the World. HC 909 WOO 2008

Hoffman, Michael.  100 Wonders of the World. HC 910 HOF 2011

Pollard, Justin. Story of Archeology. HC 930.1 POL 2007

Hawass, Zahi. Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. HC 932.014 HAW 2005

Potter, David. Emperors of Rome: the Story of Imperial Rome from Julius Caesar to the Last Emperor. HC 937.06 POT 2007

Rees, Laurence. Auschwitz: a New History. HC 940.53 REE 2005

Frank, Anne. Diary of a Young Girl. HC 940.5318 FRA 1997

Harran, Marilyn. Holocaust Chronicle: a History in Words and Pictures. HC 940.5318 HOL 2009

Samuel, Robert.  Samurai: the Philosophy of Victory. HC 952.025 SAM 2005

Rogerson, Barnaby.  Last Crusaders. HC 956.015 ROG 2009

Ballantine, Betty. Native Americans: an Illustrated History. HC 970.0049 NAT 2011

Gibson, Clare. Hidden Life of the Ancient Maya. HC 972.81016 GIB 2010

Steers, Edward. Lincoln Legends. HC 973.7 STE 2007

Our New Blog and Suggested Sites for Student Research

The Scott Community College Library blog was launched in March 2011 to share
information about SCC Library resources, services, and events. We will
also share news and information about the issues that concern all people who
love and use libraries. Please sign up for a free account to comment on our
posts. When you are on the blog homepage scroll down to view suggested sites
for student research. These links will provide students with authoritative and
reliable online resources for their papers and assignments. The blog is
accessible through campus cruiser by scrolling to “Bookmarks”, clicking
“Libraries”. On the library homepage click “About the Library” and “SCC”. It is
also available by clicking the following link: For suggestions for
blog topics, sites or subjects to include with the suggested sites for student
research, please contact Linda Nelson at or at 563-441-4151.


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