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Recent Additions to the Library Collection

Mighty Times: the Legacy of Rosa Parks. This video is about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. An event that inspired the African-American stand against racial segregation.

Ott, J. Steven. Nature of the Nonprofit Sector. Contains readings on the nature and roles of the nonprofit sector.

Imhoff, Daniel. CAFO: Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories.  Industrial livestock production is said to be at the heart of climate change, water pollution, and illnesses related to food and diet. Imhoff discusses industrial livestock production and offers kinder and safer alternatives.

Rubin, Edward. Legal Education in the Digital Age. A collection of essays that discuss the transformation of legal education due to digital production and distribution of course materials.

Mingst, Karen. United Nations in the 21st Century.  An introduction to the United Nations. Mingst discusses the history, operations, and issues facing the United Nations.

Carl, Jim. Freedom of Choice. Carl discussesvouchers as a series of social movements set within the context of evolving American conservatism.

Ott, J. Stephen. Understanding Nonprofit Organizations.  A collection of  essays written by scholars and executives. Their essays discuss the management of nonprofit organizations and the differences of the public and private sectors.

Wilson, Joe. Ductigami: the Art of the Tape. Wilson entertains his readers with instructions how to make art projects with ordinary duct tape.

To view the complete lists of new items in the SCC Library go to and scroll down to New Book Lists.

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