New Fiction June 2013

Tenth Power 8 CDs Constable, Kate
Foreign Body 10 CDs Cook, Robin
Sword Song 5 CDs Cornwell, Bernard
Timeline 5 CDs Crichton, Michael
Cosmopolis 5 CDs DeLillo, Don
Accidental Woman 4 CDs Delinsky, Barbara
Garden of Last Days 12 CDs Dubus, Andre
Four Souls 13 CDs Erdrich, Louise
Plague of Doves 10 CDs Erdrich, Louise
26a 8 CDs Evans, Diana
Finding Noel 4 CDs Evans, Richard
Spock Vs. Q  1 CD Fannon, Cecelia
Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side  9 CDs Fantaskey, Beth
Something Rotten 11 CDs Fforde, Jasper
Well of Lost Plots 10 CDs Fforde, Jasper
Inkheart 14 CDs Funke, Cornelia
Queen of the Underworld 5 CDs Godwin, Gail
Ghost Orchid 10 CDs Goodman, Carol
Boleyn Inheritance 5 CDs Gregory, Philippa
Story of a Marriage 6 CDs Greer, Andrew
Other 9 CDs Guterson, David
Baker Towers 7 CDs Haigh, Jennifer
Imperium 12 CDs Harris, Robert
True Courage 6 CDs Henderson, Dee
Kite Runner 5 CDs Hosseini, Khaled
Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl 8 CDs Lyga, Barry
Light of Evening 8 CDs O’Brien, Edna
Resurrectionist 9 CDs OConnell, Jack
11th Hour 6 CDs Patterson, James
Terrier 12 CDs Pierce, Tamora
Tris’s Book 5 CDs Pierce, Tamora
Goldengrove 7 CDs Prose, Francine
Fortunate Pilgrim 3 CDs Puzo, Mario
Fortunate Age 16 CDs Rakoff, Joanna
Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA 10 CDs Radish, Kris
Pushkin and the Queen of Spades 10 CDs Randall, Alice
Blind Fall 8 CDs Rice, Christopher
Shatter 13 CDs Robotham, Michael
It’s a Thin Line 8 CDs Roby, Kimberla
Exit Ghost 7 CDs Roth, Philip
Shalimar the Clown 15 CDs Rushdie, Salman
Charming Grace 11 CDs Smith, Deborah
Rococo 4 CDs Trigiani, Adriana
Deception of the Emerald Ring 11 CDs Willig, Lauren
Journalist and the Jihadi DVD Jamal, Ahmed
Longest Trip Home 9 CDs Grogan, John
Stress First Aid Kit 6 CDs Brennan, Tricia
John Paul the Great 7 CDs Noonan, Peggy
Frontrunners DVD Suh, Caroline
Truth about Hillary 6 CDs Klein, Edward
Beyond Belief DVD Murphy, Beth
Quality Child Care DVD Shriver, Maria
Innocent Man 10 CDs Grisham, John
How To Talk So Kids Can Learn 2 CDs Faber, Adele
Three Cups of Tea 4 CDs Mortenson, Greg

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