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How to Access the Databases

Here is a good illustration how to get access to our electronic resources from EICConnect. If you have questions library staff will be happy to help.

Here is a good illustration how to access our electronic resources from EICConnect. If you have questions library staff will be happy to help.


New Non-Fiction June 2013

  Rubel, David Reading List
  American Library Assoc. Intellectual Freedom Manual
  Cohen, Laura Library 2.0
  Feldman, David Do Elephants Jump?
  Shaw, Lisa How To Make Money Publishing from Home
  Marcus, Leonard Minders of Make-Believe
  Deval, Jacqueline Publicize your Book
  Gregory, Richard Oxford Companion to the Mind
  Steiger, Brad Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual  and Unexplained
  Magill, Frank Psychology Basics
  Weatherford, Doris History of Women in the United States
  Stein, Marc


LGBT Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History in America
  CQ Press Congress and the Nation
  CQ Press Guide to Congress
  Taulbert, Clifton Who Owns the Ice House?
  Derks, Scott Value of a Dollar 1860-2009
  Cole, Matthew Complete Guide to Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks
  Finkelman, Paul Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court
  Sankey, Michael Public Records Online
  Nilson, Linda Teaching at Its Best
  Cathcart, Brian Fly in the Cathedral
  Timmer, Reed Into the Storm
  Smith, Andrew Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America
  Osterwalder, AlexAlexander Business Model Generation
  Singer, Barry Ever After
  Rybczynski, Witold Waiting for the Weekend
  Urbanowicz, Steven Cheapskate’s Guide to Theme Parks

Leave the Building Quickly

  Kaplan, Cynthia
  Shepard, Jim Writers at the Movies
  Larner, Jesse Forgive Us Our Spins
  Morris, Holly Adventure Divas
  Scheiffer, Bob Face the Nation
  Okrant, Robyn Living Oprah
  Brine, Adrian Shakespearean Actor Prepares
  Mordden, Ethan All that Glittered
  Fisher, Jennifer Nutcracker Nation
  Barton, John Playing Shakespeare
  Yalom, Marilyn Birth of the Chess Queen
  Wilson, Des Ghosts at the Table
  Wilson, Katharina Women Writers of Great Britain and Europe
  Petersen, Eugene Mackinac Island
  Beasley, W. Japanese Experience
  Weinberger, Caspar In the Arena
  Troy, Gil Morning in America
  Graubard, Stephen Mr. Bush’s War
  Blumenthal, Sidney Clinton Wars
  Franken, Al Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot
  Hightower, Jim If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They Would Have Given Us Candidates
  Katz, Mark Clinton and Me
  Noonan, Peggy Case Against Hillary Clinton
  Olson, Barbara Final Days
  Will, George Leveling Wind
  Woodward, Bob Agenda
  Bozell, L. Whitewash
  Eszterhas, Joe American Rhapsody
  Maraniss, David Clinton Enigma
  Smolan, Rick America at Home
  Buchanan, Patrick Day of Reckoning
  Buckingham, Jane What’s Next
  Meyer, Dick Why We Hate Us
  Schama, Simon American Future
  Alterman, Eric Book on Bush
  Arkin, William Code Names
  Barnes, Fred Rebel in Chief
  Beamer, Lisa Let’s Roll
  Benjamin, Daniel Next Attack
  Brill, Steven After: How America Confronted the September 12 Era
  Brownstein, Ronald Second Civil War
  Dunbar, David Debunking 9/11 Myths
  Dowd, Maureen Bushworld
  Gore, Al Assaualt on Reason
  Hughes, Karen Ten Minutes from Normal
  Ivins, Molly Bushwhacked
  Kaplan, Robert Imperial Grunts
  Kean, Thomas Without Precedent
  Limbacher, Carl Hillary’s Scheme
  McInerney, Thomas Endgame
  Morris, Dick Outrage
  Schultz, Connie Life Happens
  Begala, Paul Third Term
  Boehlert, Eric Lapdogs
  Breitweiser, Kristen Wake-up Call
  Kurnaz, Murat Five Years of My Life
  Delbanco, Andrew Writing New England
  Mitchell, John Looking for Mr. Gilbert
  Maynard, W. Walden Pond
  Berman, Marshall On the Town
  Deetz, James Times of Their Lives
  Garrett, Wendell Our Changing White House
  Whitcomb, John Real Life at the White House
  Hoobler, Dorothy Captain John Smith
  Price, David Love and Hate in Jamestown
  Ward, Logan See You In a Hundred Years
  Ball, Edward Sweet Hell Inside
  McQuaid, John Path of Destruction
  Keillor, Garrison In Search of Lake Wobegon


New Fiction June 2013

Tenth Power 8 CDs Constable, Kate
Foreign Body 10 CDs Cook, Robin
Sword Song 5 CDs Cornwell, Bernard
Timeline 5 CDs Crichton, Michael
Cosmopolis 5 CDs DeLillo, Don
Accidental Woman 4 CDs Delinsky, Barbara
Garden of Last Days 12 CDs Dubus, Andre
Four Souls 13 CDs Erdrich, Louise
Plague of Doves 10 CDs Erdrich, Louise
26a 8 CDs Evans, Diana
Finding Noel 4 CDs Evans, Richard
Spock Vs. Q  1 CD Fannon, Cecelia
Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side  9 CDs Fantaskey, Beth
Something Rotten 11 CDs Fforde, Jasper
Well of Lost Plots 10 CDs Fforde, Jasper
Inkheart 14 CDs Funke, Cornelia
Queen of the Underworld 5 CDs Godwin, Gail
Ghost Orchid 10 CDs Goodman, Carol
Boleyn Inheritance 5 CDs Gregory, Philippa
Story of a Marriage 6 CDs Greer, Andrew
Other 9 CDs Guterson, David
Baker Towers 7 CDs Haigh, Jennifer
Imperium 12 CDs Harris, Robert
True Courage 6 CDs Henderson, Dee
Kite Runner 5 CDs Hosseini, Khaled
Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl 8 CDs Lyga, Barry
Light of Evening 8 CDs O’Brien, Edna
Resurrectionist 9 CDs OConnell, Jack
11th Hour 6 CDs Patterson, James
Terrier 12 CDs Pierce, Tamora
Tris’s Book 5 CDs Pierce, Tamora
Goldengrove 7 CDs Prose, Francine
Fortunate Pilgrim 3 CDs Puzo, Mario
Fortunate Age 16 CDs Rakoff, Joanna
Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA 10 CDs Radish, Kris
Pushkin and the Queen of Spades 10 CDs Randall, Alice
Blind Fall 8 CDs Rice, Christopher
Shatter 13 CDs Robotham, Michael
It’s a Thin Line 8 CDs Roby, Kimberla
Exit Ghost 7 CDs Roth, Philip
Shalimar the Clown 15 CDs Rushdie, Salman
Charming Grace 11 CDs Smith, Deborah
Rococo 4 CDs Trigiani, Adriana
Deception of the Emerald Ring 11 CDs Willig, Lauren
Journalist and the Jihadi DVD Jamal, Ahmed
Longest Trip Home 9 CDs Grogan, John
Stress First Aid Kit 6 CDs Brennan, Tricia
John Paul the Great 7 CDs Noonan, Peggy
Frontrunners DVD Suh, Caroline
Truth about Hillary 6 CDs Klein, Edward
Beyond Belief DVD Murphy, Beth
Quality Child Care DVD Shriver, Maria
Innocent Man 10 CDs Grisham, John
How To Talk So Kids Can Learn 2 CDs Faber, Adele
Three Cups of Tea 4 CDs Mortenson, Greg

Library Week Survey

If you are a student, staff and faculty at Scott Community College please take a few minutes to answer these questions about services at Scott Community College Library. Your answers will remain anonymous  The results of the survey will be published on the library blog and our Facebook page next Monday. The answers you provide will help us determine how we can better serve you. Thank you! Click here to access the survey.

April Database of the Month: Films on Demand

films on demand flyer

 Films on Demand are a quality collection of educational videos. The database contains more than 7500 videos that cover a wide range of  topics.

To find videos to help complete class assignments or to increase their knowledge in a certain subject, students can search by title, by keywords, or browse the titles alphabetically or by subject areas.

The video automatically adjusts the stream to bandwidth available to the student.

Some of the titles in the collection have closed-captioning.  To find them students can use the search function to limit their results to closed caption titles.

The SCC Library Databases

Yesterday I talked about finding materials in the library catalog. Today, I will talk about finding articles in the library databases.  Articles will provide current information and statistics for your research paper.

Campus Cruiser Home Page



On the Campus Cruiser home page scroll to the box titled “Bookmarks” on your left. Click “Libraries.”


data2    When you reach the library page, click “Databases.”





You will see a list of databases to which the SCC Library subscribes. Academic One File and EBSCO contain full text articles on a wide range of topics. These databases are good starting points to find information on your topic and to find other resources through the bibliography at the end of the articles. Many of the articles are full text , which means you can read and/or print the entire article.

Ask the library staff to help you find relevant articles from any of our subscription databases. We can also give you information how to search the databases from home.


Welcome back students! Spring break is over and it is time to continue with your work finding materials for your assignments and/or research papers.  Today, I will talk about finding books, videos, CDs, DVDs and other items in library collections. Use the River Share catalog on the SCC Library’s home page:   Library Catalog1

Search the collections of 20 member libraries or limit your search to items here at the SCC Library by Selecting our library from the drop list under limit by:

Library Catalog 2

 When you locate an item from another library you can request that item to come to this libraryby clicking the “Place a Hold” button  or if the item is located here find the Dewey Decimal number by clicking the “Find It” button.

Library Catalog 3

You can use your library card from any of the member libraries. If you have questions ask the library staff for help.

Tomorrow, I will talk about how to find articles by using the SCC Library Databases.

November Database of the Month

Literary Reference Center is a full-text database that combines information from major respected reference works, books, literary journals as well as original content from EBSCO.  

More than 35,000 plot summaries, synopses and work overviews                       

Nearly 100,000 articles/essays of literary criticism 

More than 253,000 author biographies

More than 450 literary journals

More than 693,000 book reviews

Nearly 78,000 classic and contemporary poems

More than 19,600 classic and contemporary short stories

More than 6,500 author interviews

At the end of each narrative you will find a list of hyperlinked Cross References that refers you to other sources.

When searching Literary Reference Center for information on a well-known work or author, your results will be more extensive if you choose to browse by work or author. Search for a specific author or work by name. 

On the right toolbar there is a Literary-Historical Timeline, Encyclopedia of Literature, Dictionary, Citation Help and Research Guides.


Library Orientations

Scott Community College faculty members are encouraged to schedule library instruction sessions for their students. Orientations are most useful when students learn about specific resources that will help them complete a class assignment. Sessions are designed to teach students how to search for authoritative information and how to use available resources ethically and effectively.

The New Library Catalog is Finally Here

The new library catalog is ready for you to search the collections of the SCC Library and other member libraries. You have access to about 3 million books, CDs, DVDs, and other items. All you need is a library card from anyone of the 20 member libraries. You can request items to come here and you can check your account. If you would like to change your PIN number ask one of the library staff.

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