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New Books September 2013

AV 333.72 CUL Culture of Conservation Iowa State University Extension
AV 371.302 MEM Memory Skills DVD GPN
AV 373.238 TES Test Taking video Educational Video Network
FIC CAM Grave Gourmet Campion, Alexander
FIC EVA Four To Score Evanovich, Janet
FIC EVA Hard Eight Evanovich, Janet
FIC EVA High Five Evanovich, Janet
FIC EVA Hot Six Evanovich, Janet
FIC EVA Seven Up Evanovich, Janet
FIC GOL Red Sky Blue Moon Golden, Bruce
FIC HAR Eventide Haruf, Kent
FIC WAT Vidalia in Paris Watson, Sasha
025.50941 MAR Evaluating the Impact of Your Library Markless, Sharon
152.41 ILL Why Love Hurts Illouz, Eva
153.42 KAH Thinking, Fast and Slow Kahneman, Daniel
155.7 BOE Moral Origins Boehm, Christopher
155.7 STE Evolved Apprentice Sterelny, Kim
297.09 VAN Puritan Islam Vann, Barry
305.697 FIS Are Muslims Distinctive? Fish, M.
322.3 ROT Power, Inc. Rothkopf, David
324.25695 ROY Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza Roy, Sara
328.73 OXF Oxford Handbook of the American Congress Schickler, Eric
330.9 FRI Engineering the Financial Crisis Friedman, Jeffrey
331.25 SCH Predictable Surprise Schieber, Sylvester
333.792 FER Nuclear Energy Ferguson, Charles
339.4 EDE So Rich, So Poor Edelman, Peter
362.10973 HIL U.S. Health Policy and Politics Hillstrom, Kevin
365.975 DRU Plague of Prisons Drucker, Ernest
394.1 MIN Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom Mintz, Sidney
421.1 MER Merriam Webster’s Guide to Punctuation and Style Merriam Webster
423 MER Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Merriam Webster
423.12 MER Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Thesaurus Merriam Webster
511.326 STE In Pursuit of the Unknown Stewart, Ian
530.09 SIM Cultural History of Physics Simonyi, Karoly
599.938 TAT Masters of the Planet: the Search for Our Human Origins Tattersall, Ian
610.73 CR Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America: Summer Incidents and Accidents No. 6 Krau, Stephen
612.8 DES Brain DeSalle, Rob
628.10977 COM Water Quality Matters to Us All Comito, Jacqueline
641.3 ALL Primal Feast Allport, Susan
709.45 NAG Controversy of Renaissance Art Nagel, Lexander
728.3 WRI Passive Solar Architecure Wright, David
728.92 PLO David Plowden the American Barn Plowden, David
729.29 SYM Symphony: Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall Gehry, Frank
730.9 CHE Sculpture of the World Cheney, Sheldon
730.92 ROW Calder Sculpture Rower, Alexander
730.924 DES Auguste Rodin Descharnes, Robert
731.832 FRA Great American Carousel Fraley, Tobin
736.4 FAU Art of Whittling Faurot, Walter
737.497309 FRA Double Eagle Frankel, Alison
738.1 DAV Wheel Thrown Ceramics Davis, Don
738.1 HAU Complete Guide to Painting on Porcelain & Ceramic Hauser, Priscilla
738.27 JAC Haviland China 2 vols. Jacobson, Gertrude
738.4 MCG First Steps in Enameling McGrath, Jinks
738.8 FER Teapots Transformed Ferrin, Leslie
739.2 ANC Ancient Gold Marazov, Ivan
739.27 YOU Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques Young, Anastasia
741.109 LEO Cherished Objects Leopold, Allison
741.2 MAR Sketching School Martin, Judy
741.24 MAR Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques Martin, Judy
741.5 GIA Comics Crash Course Giarrano, Vincent
741.5 HAR Art of the Comic Book Harvey, Robert
741.5 JON Men of Tomorrow Jones, Gerard
741.5 KAT Julius Knipl Katcher, Ben
741.5 RIC Foundation Course Cartooning Richardson, John
741.5973 NEW New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons Mankoff, Bob
745 WAL Folk Art Walton, Stewart
745.0973 LAU Craft in America Lauria, Jo
745.4095 WEL Chinese Art Welch, Patricia
745.5 HAL Color Printer Idea Book Hall, Kay
745.592 SIM Making Furniture & Dollhouses Simmons, Dennis
746.43 EPS Nicky Epstein’s Knitting for Your Home Epstein, Nicky
746.43 ISA Classic Knits Isager, Marianne
746.43 NOB Style at Large Noble, Carol
746.43 PHE Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men Phelps, Linden
746.432 ALB Knitter’s Stash Albright, Barbara
746.432 FOR For the Love of Knitting Falick, Melanie
746.432 FRO Jean Frost Jackets Frost, Jean
746.432 HAM 25 Gorgeous Sweaters Ham, Catherine
746.432 KNI Modular Knitting Made Easy Knight-Bowman, Andra
746.432 MEL Book 1: the Knit Stitch: the Knitting Experience Melville, Sally
746.432 PRI Kids’ Knits Price, Lesley
781.1 HIG Music Between Us Higgins, Kathleen
791.4334 CAV World History of Animation Cavalier, Stephen
810.8032 GRE Greenwich Village Reader Sawyers, June
823.7 CHW Jane Austen, Game Theorist Chwe, Michael Suk-Young
914.04 WES Western Europe Lezard, Sian
914.1104 SCO Scotland Wilson, Neil
914.3712 PRA Top 10 Prague Dorling Kindersley
915.9304 THA Thailand LeBas, Tom
915.9804 IND Indonesia Ver Berkmoes, Ryan
917.304 UNI United States on the Road Dar, Alyse
917.5904 FRO Frommer’s Florida Bassman, Stephen
918.504633 FOD Fodor’s Peru Kealy, Kelly
918.504633 PER Peru Miranda, Carolina
918.6604 ECU Ecuador & Galapagos Lawrence, Rachel
919.84 BOL Bolivia Mutic, Anja
955 OXF Oxford Handbook of Iranian History Daryaee, Touraj
970.004 WIT Infinity of Nations Witgen, Michael

Life of Pi Book Review

The Life of Pi is the story of Pi a boy while growing s up in India who develops an enduring love for God and animals. His father who owns a zoo is forced to close it and sell all the animals. Some of the animals are sold to other zoos in Canada and America. The remaining animals travel to a new home with the family to Canada. During a raging storm, at sea, the ship sinks and Pi, a boy of sixteen, is the only human survivor a long with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The rest of the story talks about Pi’s battles and thoughts while braving the challenges of a harsh, unforgiving environment and trying to convince Japanese officials his story is true.  This is an adventurous, funny, and entertaining book. The Life of Pi was the winner of the 2002 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Find this book at RiverShare Libraries: http://rivershare.polarislibrary.com/search/searchresults.aspx?ctx=46.1033.0.0.1&type=Keyword&term=life%20of%20pi&by=TI&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=TOM=*&query=&page=0

If you like The Life of Pi here are other books you may want to read:

gullivers_travels Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
Find this book at SCC Library by clicking this link and then press the Find It button:  http://rivershare.polarislibrary.com/search/searchresults.aspx?ctx=46.1033.0.0.1&type=Keyword&term=*gullivers%20travels&by=KW&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=ab=46&query=&page=0

sidd_sm Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Find this book at SCC Library by clicking this link and then press the Find It button:   http://rivershare.polarislibrary.com/search/searchresults.aspx?ctx=46.1033.0.0.1&type=Keyword&term=Hermann%20Hesse&by=AU&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=ab=46&query=&page=0

brave Brave New World by Aldous Huxley: Considered Science Fiction but has a religious theme:

Find this book at SCC Library by clicking this link and then press the Find It button:  http://rivershare.polarislibrary.com/search/searchresults.aspx?ctx=46.1033.0.0.1&type=Keyword&term=brave%20new%20world&by=TI&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=ab=46&query=&page=0

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