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The Hobby of Book Collecting

An article in the books section of the November 25, 2011 issue of Wall Street Journal has some tips for beginning book collectors.

A good book to read for beginners is Book-Collecting as a Hobby – In a Series of Letters to Everyman, by P. H. Muir. Although it was published in 1947, Muir offers practical tips and advice that novice book collectors will wisely follow today. Copies can be found at used book sites such as

As a novice book collector myself, the best advice I can offer anyone is to find a single subject or author you are interested in collecting. There are many books published within a year, choosing a subject or author will help mitigate confusion.


Occupy Wall Street Library

The Occupy Wall Street Library was torn down and protesters ordered out from Zucotti Park in New York on November 14th, 2011. 

As a librarian and a supporter of a free democratic society, I fully support the Americana Library Association in their statement about the dismantling on this library. The American Library Association (ALA) says it condemns the seizure of the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library, which contained over 5,500 books, magazines, and other materials. “The dissolution of a library is unacceptable,” says ALA President Molly Raphael. “Libraries serve as the cornerstone of our democracy and must be safeguarded. An informed public constitutes the very foundation of a democracy, and libraries ensure that everyone has free access to information.”

I saw this on the Library Stuff blog and wanted to share these pictures from the Occupy Libraries Group on Flicker:

Information Comes in Many Forms

We all have heard that Smart phones are the latest and greatest trend. There is an increase in the number of people who own Smart phones.  According to the Pew, Internet, and American Life Project study, which was  released in July 2011, 35% of adults own a smart phone with the numbers of ownership being slightly higher at 44% for African-Americans and Latinos. Of those owners, 68% said that they used their phone everyday to go online and 87% access email from their phone. Another study by Morgan Stanley, predicts that more people will access the Internet from a mobile device in 2015 than do from a desk top computer.  

Traditionally, libraries were an ordered collection of books. Today, libraries have become places of unrestricted access to information existing in many formats. Libraries will continue to offer books and services designed to meet the needs of our patrons. Libraries are expanding beyond its walls.

A Different Kind of Library Created for the Same Purpose

A different kind of library was created in 2006 by Nell Taylor and a group of volunteers in Chicago. The Read/Write Library collects and preserves local self published pamphlets, books, and other materials by local citizens. Ms. Taylor dreams that one day the library’s collection will be a digital representation of Chicago’s cultural history.  

The reasons why we collect and preserve knowledge and culture will never change. The way we do those things has changed and will continue to change and grow.

The New Library Catalog is Finally Here

The new library catalog is ready for you to search the collections of the SCC Library and other member libraries. You have access to about 3 million books, CDs, DVDs, and other items. All you need is a library card from anyone of the 20 member libraries. You can request items to come here and you can check your account. If you would like to change your PIN number ask one of the library staff.

The People’s Library

Christian Zabriskie, founder of Urban Libraries Unite, wrote inspirational article about The People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street in New York City in the October 18th of American Libraries.  Since the onset of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest, the People’s Library has been growing in materials and patrons.  Moreover, people’s libraries have been growing in popularity across the United States.  The People’s Library experiences distinctive and similar problems other libraries face. But despite the problems, the library staff is hard-working and dedicated.  

The entire article can be read at  In addition to reading the article, you can visit the People’s Library Blog at  After reading the article and blog, search through your books and donate the books you don’t want to the People’s Library. Donate as a supporter of the People’s Library and as an advocate for libraries.

Copyright Slider

Here is a tool to use if you found something you would like to use in your paper and want to be sure you are not violating copyright laws. The digital copyright slider will tell you if it is in the public domain.


Helpful Website from Purdue University

When you have the time, it will be worth every minute you take to explore the Owl at Purdue. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) contains writing-related and instructional material that is updated regularly. The owl contains subject tutorials on writing research papers, resumes and cover letters, information on how to cite MLA, APA, and Chicago Style, and much more. Almost any and every aspect of writing is covered.  This is a clear, precise, and detailed writing lab for those papers that will soon be due!

The Daily Iowan Newspaper Archive


I read an interesting article about a newly formed digital archive of the Daily Iowan. The article was written on October 31, 2011 by Chastity Dillard. Four years ago, the Daily Iowan newspaper and the librarians at the University of Iowa Library formed a partnership to digitize the Daily Iowan newspaper. Librarians digitized over 400 volumes and 750,000 image files to provide greater access to history which starts as far back as 1868. UI Libraries Archivist David McCartney said “I’m really glad to see this project come to fruition. We are delighted that this is available online and for our researchers. It’s a tremendous resource for anyone looking for university issues and also community history.” McCartney said the DI is one of the most consulted archives the UI Libraries offers. With the exception of two periods — the fall of 1918 and summer of 1984 — the archive is a complete set, he said. The article in the Daily Iowan can be found at The archive is searchable and found at

New Books

FIC AUS Sunset Park Auster, Paul 2010
FIC BAN Infinities Banville, John 2009
FIC CAR Full Catastrophe Carkeet, David 1990
FIC CLA Language of Light Clayton, Meg 2011
FIC ECL Eclipse Four: New Science Fiction and Fantasy Strahan, Jonathan 2011
FIC KUR Edible Stories Kurlansky, Mark 2010
FIC MAC 1022 Evergreen Place 5 CDs Macomber, Debbie 2010
297.574 WIL Butterfly Mosque: a Young American Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam Wilson, G. 2010
302.23068 KNE Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong with the World’s Leading Media Companies Knee, Jonathan 2009
335.4092 HUN Marx’s General the Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels Hunt, Tristram 2009
343.7309 JEN Censorship: the Threat to Silence Talk Radio Jennings, Brian 2009
650.14 GRE College Grad Seeks Future Greene, Howard 2010
658 LON Weaving Dreams Longaberger, Tami 2010
658.4 LIN Open Innovation Revolution: Essentials, Roadblocks and Leadership Skills Lindegaard, Stefan 2010

For a complete list see the lists at:


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